Aquatic Middle East Network

The first steering committee virtual meeting


Aquatic Middle East Network (AQMENET) Steering Committee is delighted to announce that it will hold its first virtual meeting on March 22nd. During the meeting members of the Steering and Technical Committees will be nominated. They will be responsible for reviewing and validating strategic directives.

AQMENET is a regional network committed to enhancing the aquaculture industry in the Middle East. The network provides cutting-edge knowledge on aquatic animal disease prevention, early detection, control, diagnostics, surveillance and related aspects. AQMENET recognizes the significance of aquatic animal production in strengthening food security in the region, as well as the growing demand for aquatic animals and their products.

The network was established to ensure sustainable growth in aquatic animal production. To achieve this objective, AQMENET facilitates the sharing of information, knowledge and training of aquatic animal health services, coordinates international organisations’ support for Members and promotes specific studies on aquaculture practices, socioeconomics, and risk factors at the aquatic species-human-environment interface.

Furthermore, AQMENET aims to improve preparedness and response to aquatic animal disease emergencies in the region, establish regional collaborations to respond to emerging diseases, enhance scientific and technological capacities in epidemiology, diagnostics of diseases and more broadly contribute to the standards-setting process. AQMENET also fosters collaboration between WOAH Reference Centres and national and regional aquatic animal disease laboratories to facilitate capacity building and expertise exchange.

Our commitment is to advance the sustainability of the aquaculture industry by reducing the risk of disease occurrence and spread. We provide better training for veterinarians and aquatic animal health professionals and promote research into aquatic animal diseases, epidemiology and pathology.