Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

RAG Assessment


Reference is made to the assessment of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s Risk-based Strategic Plan (RBSP) for FMD control to progress to PCP-FMD Stage 2, which was submitted to the GF-TADs FMD Working Group on 19 June 2022.

Jordan’s RBSP was presented to the RAG during its virtual meeting – facilitated by the WOAH regional representation for the Middle East- on 8 August 2022 for their decision.

The FMD WG is pleased to inform of the favorable feedback of the RAG for the Middle East, provided on 8 August 2022, to accept Jordan’s advancement to PCP-FMD Stage 2. 

Thank to Jordan’s continuous efforts in FMD control and implementation of the RBSP and advancement along the PCP-FMD. With a special acknowledgment to the work done by the PSO: Dr. Giancarlo Ferrari.