A Remarkable Journey: Celebrating Dr. Ghazi's Legacy in Animal Health


[Paris], [May 23, 2023] – During its 90th General Session, the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) represented by its Director General, Dr Monique Eloit, honored Dr Ghazi for his significant and enduring impact on animal health in the Middle East, recognising his extensive career in the region and bid him farewell as he enters retirement.

Dr Ghazi’s career path led him to work alongside skilled professionals and make notable contributions to the field. Throughout his tenure, he served as Lebanon’s Delegate for 15 years and as a Regional Representative for 24 years, actively contributing to regional activities and initiatives aimed at enhancing animal health in the Middle East.

Dr Yehia expressed gratitude and reflected on his professional journey alongside his colleagues. He extended appreciation to Dr Monique Eloit, the Director General, as well as the Deputy Director General, and the entire Organisation team for their collaboration especially his team at the regional office in Beirut. He acknowledged the guidance he received from his late father and the unwavering support from individuals who recognised his potential and helped him overcome challenges, enabling him to progress and excel in his work.

And finally, he declared his happiness at the new opportunities life will present to him in the future, while he plans to spend quality time with his family, including his children and grandchildren.

In closing, Dr. Eloit expressed heartfelt gratitude for the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Ghazi. Also, WOAH together with its members extends sincere appreciation to Dr. Ghazi for his exceptional service and wishes him a retirement brimming with joy, exciting adventures, and treasured moments shared with loved ones.

Retirement Speech

Dr Monique Eloit Speech
Dr Monique Eloit Speech

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Dr Ghazi Yehia Speech
Dr Ghazi Yehia Speech

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